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Hair Transplantation


Göksel Hair: Hair Transplantation in Istanbul for Full, Natural and Dense Hair

Göksel Hair, as a specialized team in hair transplantation in Istanbul, helps you achieve lush, natural hair that embellishes your dreams. Our procedures, carried out with modern techniques and high-tech equipment, aim not only for hair transplantation but also to regain your self-confidence. Being by your side at every step, and offering you the most suitable solution, you can trust Göksel Hair for both your hair and your confidence!

Why Choose the DHI Method?

The DHI Method (Direct Hair Implantation) takes a step further than the traditional FUE method. The significant advantage of this method is that each individual hair follicle can be directly extracted and implanted. This leads to achieving a natural appearance of the transplanted area faster and more effectively. Additionally, the DHI method is minimally invasive and offers a quick recovery phase. Therefore, those who opt for the DHI method typically prefer a shorter recovery time and natural results.

Advantages of the DHI Method:

Direct Implantation and High Precision: The DHI method employs a specialized applicator for the direct implantation of each hair follicle. This reduces the exposure of the hair follicles to the external environment, resulting in more natural and symmetrical outcomes. The design of the hairline can also be executed with higher precision.

Minimal Invasiveness and Quick Recovery: The DHI method is a minimally invasive technique. Compared to traditional methods, it leaves fewer stitches and traces, leading to a faster recovery. This allows patients to return to their normal lives more swiftly.

High Graft Survival Rate: Since the hair follicles spend less time in contact with the air during the DHI method, this leads to a higher graft survival rate. The result is denser and more natural-looking hair.

Reduced Need for Donor Area: With the DHI method, it may be possible to require fewer hair follicles, meaning that the donor area is less affected. This helps preserve the donor area for potential future cases of hair loss.

Hair Transplantation in Istanbul

There are several dozen hair clinics performing hair transplantations in Istanbul.

The method used by the treating doctors depends significantly on the type of hair loss and their respective specialization.

The costs of a hair transplant in Istanbul vary depending on the method and the number of applications.

As one of the leading addresses for hair transplantation in Istanbul, we set new standards in terms of quality and treatment success.

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Beard Transplantation for Men

Let’s face it: lacking or unsatisfactory beard growth doesn’t feel good. Not being able to wear the desired beard style is painful.

Many men feel less masculine due to thin beard growth, leading to less confidence than they would like. At Göksel Hair, we understand that a full and aesthetic beard is an integral part of a man’s overall appearance.

Can a beard transplantation really help me?

Yes. A beard transplantation is the only way to permanently achieve full beard growth. Genetic factors, as well as scars, can prevent desired beard growth. The areas not covered with beard hair are filled with your own hair from another part of your body. So, your hair is only transplanted from one place to another. The usual donor areas are the back of the head or chest hair. This way, bald spots are filled, and sparse beard growth is densified.

Will my beard look natural afterwards?

When selecting donor hairs, we pay special attention to choosing and transplanting hair follicles that perfectly match the characteristics of your existing beard growth. By precisely analyzing the color, hair thickness, and desired direction of your donor hairs, we ensure that the result looks absolutely authentic, as if your beard had naturally grown that way.

We receive many questions every day. We have therefore compiled a library of the most common for you.

The answer varies depending on the condition of the hair.

A hair transplantation typically takes between 6-8 hours, depending on the required number of grafts.

Yes, we provide our patients with a lifetime guarantee. We confirm that the transplanted hair follicles will integrate with your skin and will not fall out or die after healing. If this is not the case, we will cover the cost of a second operation.

Your transplanted hair begins to grow after 2 months, and at 6 months, you will see half of your results. You can evaluate the final result of the hair transplant after 12-18 months.

In a hair transplant, one does not use hair from another person, but rather the individual’s own healthy hair roots.

The required number of follicular units varies depending on the condition of the hair. This question can be answered by our experts in a detailed consultation.

The transplanted hairs start to fall out around the 20th day as part of the adaptation process. Shock hair loss occurs on the 25th day, and most of the transplanted hairs fall out.

After the first month, shock hair loss is completed, and the transplanted hair enters the incubation phase.

From the 3rd month onwards, the length of the hair strands begins to grow.

By the 6th month, 50% to 60% of the transplanted hairs will have emerged.

In the 8th month, the majority of the transplanted hairs will have emerged. From this point on, the hair will look much better.

Hair growth continues until the 12th month. By the 12th month, the majority of the transplanted hairs will already be significantly visible.

Contrary to popular belief, hair transplantation is a painless procedure. The person may experience minimal pain only during local anesthesia, which lasts about 3 minutes. There is no pain during the procedure, and no pain is expected after the procedure.

The transplanted hair remains intact for life. We guarantee this with our lifetime warranty and growth guarantee. You can cut, dye, and wash your hair as usual.

There is no specific best time of the year for hair transplants. Hair transplantation can be performed in all seasons. The season is a minor factor; the most important thing is that you feel ready, physically healthy, and stress-free.

One of the side effects after the operation is itching. It is minimized when you wash your hair as recommended by us.

Some skin types are more sensitive than others. In such rare cases, we recommend using a lotion or cream after the procedure. It should be remembered that itching may occur not only due to the crusting of the transplanted area but also because of the growth of the transplanted hair.

Hair transplantation is a low-risk operation with a high success rate when performed under suitable conditions with specialist doctors and a medical team.

Hair transplantation is carried out with local anesthesia, not general anesthesia. Since we apply local anesthesia during the hair transplantation, there is no risk for the patient. In general, hair transplantation is not a risky type of surgery.